Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Carmarthen Wooden Outdoor Coffee Table

The Carmarthen coffee table with simple, strong and pleasing design has been created by hand with traditional methods. Its strong and attractive looks make it perfect as a single piece but can work extremely well to compliment other pieces. Its curved edges gives this handmade wooden table a unique and distinct style.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Best Timbers For Your Outdoor Furnitures

Before choosing your outdoor furniture you should know which kind of wood will be best suitable for various outdoor environment conditions, because durability and life of outdoor furniture depend upon the various properties exhibited by various kind of woods. Each species of timber has its own unique character and properties from being clean and non-tainting to being naturally durable without the need for environmentally damaging chemical treatments. Most commonly used timbers for outdoor furniture are Larch and Oak.


Larch heartwood is strong and is durable outside without the use of preservatives. These properties make it an ideal wood for outdoor use such as garden furniture, decking, cladding and fencing.


Oak is a hard and decorative wood with a particularly attractive figure in quarter-sawn material. It is a remarkable material; strong, extremely durable, heavy and attractive which makes it the ideal wood to use in construction both indoors and outdoors. Oak is extremely durable outdoors and does not need any preservative treatment. With these kinds of solid garden furniture woods you can enjoy a long lasting and quality crafted outdoor wood furniture for generations.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Design your Garden Area with Wooden Garden Furniture

When you are looking to design your outdoor garden area then the best choice is to place beautiful furniture made of wood which not only looks excellent but also hold up for any kind of weather condition. Elegant and stylish outdoor garden furniture brings perfectness to your garden making it look more beautiful and also brings a comfort while sitting in the Garden. While buying new wooden furniture for your garden you have the option to choose between Softwood and hardwood. These two have different visual appearance, wood densities, strength and durability. You can choose depending on your requirements. When it comes to buying there are different choices making it a bit confusing in the final selection of wood furniture. Following are some of the best garden furniture ideas: 

Carmarthen Classic Plus
Carmarthen Classic Plus

The Monmouth
The Monmouth

The Pembroke
The Pembroke

Monmouth Suite
Monmouth Suite

Carmarthen Classic
Carmarthen Classic

Friday, 20 December 2013

Carmarthen Chair Wooden Single Seat Chair

Carmarthen Chair has been created with great attention and care keeping all the human factors in mind. This chair is highly comfortable for long sittings. It is made with traditional methods and its strength and durability is reflected in the capacity to load over 30 stone (190kg) in weight. Your Carmarthen Chair won’t be blowing away in the wind. This is perfect outdoor wood furniture that is excellent as a single piece for your garden as well as can complement a set of Carmarthen classic series.



Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Monmouth Bench For Your Garden

Beautifully crafted The Monmouth garden bench for comfortable outdoor sittings. This Monmouth is one of the best garden wood benches that is made with traditional methods and reveals unique and excellent features of Welsh wood. With additional armrests for increased comfort the Monmouth is a fine example of garden seating and is unique in the market. Extremely durable and able to take decades of use. At least 30 years of lifespan if untreated for Larch and 40 years for the oak.

Carmarthen Classic Wooden Outdoor Benches With Table

 The Carmarthen Classic Welsh wood garden furniture combines two comfortable Carmarthen benches and a finely crafted table. These handmade wooden garden benches have been designed with children in mind with curved and reduced hard edges. The table, like it’s complimentary partner benches, has been hand crafted for form and for function.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Qualities of Wooden Furniture and its Ideal Producers

Furniture is of different kinds with various style and functionality. Though it is made out of materials like steel,  The furniture made out of thick wood will be durable and strong that can be passed for generations together. It is ideal for outdoor environment like backyard, garden and parks. Outdoor wood furniture made out of specific type of wood like oak and larch with personalized messages and design is sure to bring elegant look to the place.  

To list a few advantages of wood furniture over other type of materials are aluminum and plastic with ergonomic features, wooden furniture is the best among all. It is preferred by many as it changes the entire look of the home with luxurious appearance.

Durability:  Wood is of various kinds like teak, oak, larch and so on.  Furniture made of fine quality wood lasts for years together even when maintained poorly. Unlike plastic or steel furniture which requires replacement often wooden chairs and tables made of quality wood lasts for minimum 30 to 40 years.

Care and Maintenance:  It is easy to maintain wooden furniture.  It requires less maintenance as it is just enough to dust the furniture. Stains can be removed easily and no need of harsh chemicals for cleaning.  It is perfect for outdoors as termites and fungus cannot damages the wood.Flexibility and comfort:  Unlike other furniture, wood can be modified and altered as and when required. It can be modified as a brand new one by just polishing and varnishing.  Sitting or resting on hard wood gives much comfort than other type of materials. Flat and hard wood furniture also offers lots of health benefits.

Eco friendly:  Wood furniture does not harm the outdoor air quality during manufacturing process.  Also, it protect the quality of the indoors. Plastics are harmful substances that do not decay easily and so causes damage to the living environment.  Wooden furniture is eco friendly.Worth and Value: The value of wood never diminishes.  Furnishing the interior and exterior of a home with wooden furniture undoubtedly increases the worth and value of the property.  It gives a luxurious look to the living environment.

The cost of wooden furniture depends on the quality of the wood. Persons buying for long purpose need like decorating the parks and outdoors must prefer high quality wooden furniture made out of thick and hard wood. Though expensive it lasts longer in spite of weather and maintenance.  There are specific kind of manufacturers specialized in outdoor furniture making. They make use of welsh larch and oak wood for longevity and quality. Having years of experience they make unique and ideal furniture for your garden that fits your requirements perfect.  Some follow the specific kind of tradition in making of furniture that portrays the history.  

The experienced and legendry producers select fine quality dense wood from Celtic forest to carve the best furniture.  They custom make the garden furniture with personalized messages and produce it with some personal touch as requested by their customers.   Each piece of furniture is handmade by great craftsmen who have wide knowledge and experience in furniture making.   Excellent piece of garden furniture sets can be bought at great discounts through their online shops.  Get your ideal and artistic wooden outdoor furniture from such preeminent sellers to decorate your outdoors.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Rustic Garden Furniture: Bringing Out the Beauty of Your Garden!

Do you want to create a soothing ambience in your garden? Then, garden furniture is a must in your home.
These furniture sets are cozy, stylish, and affordable making them a favorite among everyone. If you want to bring home the best, then you must purchase garden furniture online. Brining home these furniture sets will surely create a soothing atmosphere making you feel that you are living in countryside. There are many handcrafted furniture sets to choose from and the internet is the best place to find the right set for your home. The rustic garden furniture will surely create a wonderful atmosphere when placed in your garden adding style, comfort, and elegance. By browsing online, you can go through various sites and choose rustic garden furniture sets without traveling outside.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to forest friendly furniture sets as there are many to choose from. Some of the most popularly sold ones include Carmarthen Classic Plus, The Pembroke, Carmarthen Bench, Monmouth Bench, Carmarthen Classic Deluxe, and Carmarthen Coffee Table, among others. If you want your patio to look cool and fabulous, then bring home any of these beautiful furniture sets. The best thing about purchasing furniture online is that you can choose from different varieties. Not only this, they also come in various sizes that include small, large, medium, and extra-large. Most of the furniture sets come with a beautiful finish that gives a stunning look to them. If you are having old furniture at home, then it’s time you bought a new one. Old furniture when kept outside for a long time will start to break and it will become home to insects.

Every once in a while you must replace your old furniture with new and beautiful furniture sets. Nowadays, furniture comes with a beautiful finish that will stand harsh weather conditions and prevent the entry of insects. Further, the chairs and benches are extremely durable and can last for a very long period of time. Carmarthen Classic Deluxe is one of the best sets that you can purchase in the market as it can seat an entire family cozily. They are crafted to perfection keeping in mind the needs of every customer. They give a stylish look and you can place the set in your patio and add extra beauty to your home. You can choose from 1 x 5ft long table, 2 x 3ft long benches, 2 x 4ft long benches, 1 x 7ft long table, among others.

The furniture set is available in Welsh larch or Welsh Oak and you can choose the one that you like. If you want to make your own furniture, then you can easily do that with the help of the experts. They will craft the furniture you like according to the dimensions you provide and also use Oak or Pine or any other type you want. By becoming a member, you can get updates on the latest arrivals in the market through email or sms. Not only this, you can also purchase these furniture sets online and get the sets delivered to your home within a few days. So start purchasing beautiful garden furniture online right away without wasting a minute!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Handmade Garden Furniture: A nice idea for your out-door place

Handmade Garden furniture, also known as patio furniture and outdoor furniture, is a kind of furniture specially designed for outdoor use. It is naturally made of weather-resistant materials. Everyone who owns a garden also desires for charming and well designed handmade garden furniture to enhance the look and feel of his garden. But many people get stuck in choosing the right material for their garden furniture. As they think that garden furniture is same as the furniture of their house. But reality is a bit different because garden furniture is made of some special kind of furniture. Don’t worry I will give you some important tips about the garden furniture material.

The most usually sold types of Handmade Garden Furniture are made of plastic, wood, aluminum, natural fiber, and wrought iron. Handmade garden furniture can suffer through contact to the elements and therefore needs to be occasionally treated. Teak is a normally used material for outside furniture. It naturally consists of silica, which makes it defiant to fungal decay, many of the sound effects of water (such as decay, swelling and warping), as well as chemicals. Teak is also resistant to fire, acid and alkalis, and there are certain oils especially for the cure of teak to help it resist weather and the unfavorable effects of being outside. Aluminum garden furniture is vigorous and long-lasting. But, if the shielding coating is compromised it will crumble. Plastic garden furniture is unsurprisingly waterproof, so it can be left out year-round.

So the choice is yours, all you have to do is making a right decision about the material for your Handmade Garden furniture. If you did that well then surely at the end of the day you will be the happy one. I hope that this article will be informative for you and you will be able to make a better choice.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Exquisite and Innovative Garden Seating Options

A garden or patio is indeed the best place for evenings and wonderful weather where you can relax and even
enjoy outdoor cooking with the loved ones. Therefore why not ponder upon putting some seating on the place as well. With plenty of decorating options available, choice of wooden furniture can be a straightforward yet an elegant option.

Presenting some of the ideas to make your seating at your garden or patio out of the ordinary…

Significance of Rolling Bench…
For the people who live in a wet climate and wish to avoid sitting on a drenched surface that might take hours to dry, a rolling bench is ideal. Such a fixture has wooden slats seat wrapped on the rollers which can be turned around making use of the handle on the side.

Beautifying the Appearance…
In case you are using wood benches in garden, you can consider installing wooden planter on each side of the bench. This will not only give your bench a green and color appearance but you need not to give up any seating space.

What to with a mature tree in the garden…?
If you have a huge tree in your garden area, it is ideal to build a bench surrounding the trunk. This will make the tree look more interesting and will also bestow a shaded seating place in the garden. Such a bench would also allow a number of people to be seated at once. Applying paint to a bench around the trunk would further enhance your garden’s looks.

Classic yet Rough Fixtures…
The recipe to make classic yet rough fixtures is to split a log into two and mounting it on the legs. The round part of the log can be left as it is whereas the upper part should be sanded to make it smooth. This will give your garden more of a wild appearance.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Quick DIY Guidelines to Create Rustic Furniture

Who would not want to enjoy an evening in the yard after a long tiring day… and to add to the comfort and
pleasure, outdoor furniture is ideal. Outdoor furniture is supplied by a number of retailers. These although are expensive, however are highly finished and also come in rough-hewn qualities just similar to those of traditional cottage style fixtures.

Rustic Garden Furniture also has their magnificence and style. The essence of rustic tabletop or seat is much more than the Flintstones reminiscence. Moreover the charm of driftwood seat or table base often has high art forms. Despite of everything, the best part is that you can also recapture the past by acquiring the right material and making such furniture on your own. You may not be able to create fixtures as good as the professional ones; however you don’t have to be a professional to create a decent one for your yard. Here is what to do…

• Determine the type of piece and look for furniture around that can act as blueprint to build new ones. Examining the existing pieces you will easily be able to get an idea of how much material you would require, and how to create different parts such as arms, legs, back, seat etc.

• Next you need to find unusual wood specimens; these will help you create certain most decent looking fixtures. For an instance, driftwood is a perfect, unique and artistic piece for a table base.

• Once you have collected a good amount of pieces, it is now time to peel the bark off from the wood in order to make rustic furniture. Then keep the peeled pieces in a drafty and dry area to allow the air to circulate for drying process. This will take around 3 months.

• Next you need to choose a joining method. Nailing technique is often the most common. Use grooved nails for assembling since the holes will shrink over the time making the connection more secure and reliable.
• After the structure is complete, all you need to do is polish it and give a final touch.