Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Quick DIY Guidelines to Create Rustic Furniture

Who would not want to enjoy an evening in the yard after a long tiring day… and to add to the comfort and
pleasure, outdoor furniture is ideal. Outdoor furniture is supplied by a number of retailers. These although are expensive, however are highly finished and also come in rough-hewn qualities just similar to those of traditional cottage style fixtures.

Rustic Garden Furniture also has their magnificence and style. The essence of rustic tabletop or seat is much more than the Flintstones reminiscence. Moreover the charm of driftwood seat or table base often has high art forms. Despite of everything, the best part is that you can also recapture the past by acquiring the right material and making such furniture on your own. You may not be able to create fixtures as good as the professional ones; however you don’t have to be a professional to create a decent one for your yard. Here is what to do…

• Determine the type of piece and look for furniture around that can act as blueprint to build new ones. Examining the existing pieces you will easily be able to get an idea of how much material you would require, and how to create different parts such as arms, legs, back, seat etc.

• Next you need to find unusual wood specimens; these will help you create certain most decent looking fixtures. For an instance, driftwood is a perfect, unique and artistic piece for a table base.

• Once you have collected a good amount of pieces, it is now time to peel the bark off from the wood in order to make rustic furniture. Then keep the peeled pieces in a drafty and dry area to allow the air to circulate for drying process. This will take around 3 months.

• Next you need to choose a joining method. Nailing technique is often the most common. Use grooved nails for assembling since the holes will shrink over the time making the connection more secure and reliable.
• After the structure is complete, all you need to do is polish it and give a final touch.

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