Monday, 23 December 2013

Best Timbers For Your Outdoor Furnitures

Before choosing your outdoor furniture you should know which kind of wood will be best suitable for various outdoor environment conditions, because durability and life of outdoor furniture depend upon the various properties exhibited by various kind of woods. Each species of timber has its own unique character and properties from being clean and non-tainting to being naturally durable without the need for environmentally damaging chemical treatments. Most commonly used timbers for outdoor furniture are Larch and Oak.


Larch heartwood is strong and is durable outside without the use of preservatives. These properties make it an ideal wood for outdoor use such as garden furniture, decking, cladding and fencing.


Oak is a hard and decorative wood with a particularly attractive figure in quarter-sawn material. It is a remarkable material; strong, extremely durable, heavy and attractive which makes it the ideal wood to use in construction both indoors and outdoors. Oak is extremely durable outdoors and does not need any preservative treatment. With these kinds of solid garden furniture woods you can enjoy a long lasting and quality crafted outdoor wood furniture for generations.

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