Monday, 16 June 2014

Old World Charm With Rustic Garden Furniture Adding New Dimension To Outdoor Decorations

A garden is one place where after working hard the whole day one can enjoy some peaceful minutes. In the present times, having a personal green space is both beneficial and necessary. With decreasing green surface preserving it personally is the way to save it. However, having plants is not enough, to enjoy complete mood setting one would require investing in great yet durable garden furniture. Rustic garden furniture has become a fashionable demand in garden decor. The main reason why a large number of individuals are opting for this furniture is the fact that they have prestigious classic looks. Secondly, sustainability is another factor which comes along with cheap prices. Either opting for a coffee table or lounge chairs there is a wide range available to choose from.

Tips to consider before investing in rustic furniture :-
Firstly, just considering the fact of installing furniture in your green space is not enough. Rustic furniture is available both in traditional and modern designs so it is up to buyer in which he/she wants to invest. Secondly, consider where the furniture would be installed. Would it be the front yard having direct sunlight or the backyard? Depending upon this invest in furniture which is both durable and cheap. Thirdly, would the furniture be moved during the mowing process or would it be placed in a veranda. Lastly, invest in cedar, teak or bamboo furniture if you are on a search for eco-friendly furniture. Moreover, taking good care of the furniture from harsh weather would increase its life. Chips and splinters should be regularly checked. Rubbing teak oil on furniture can bring its shine back.

Sustainable garden furniture: teak and oak furniture:-
Sustainable garden furniture is one which is made on environment friendly lines and is made keeping enough resources available for future generations. Teak and oak furniture have been considered to be the best when it comes to sustainable furniture. Teak is considered for its durable factor. Teak tree oil helps in maintaining the impenetrable fine grain structure in wood which helps in long lasting effect. Further, one can never go wrong with teak furniture which is known for its elegance and class. Although, it requires less maintenance still regular cleaning can help in increasing its life.
Oak furniture too is weather resistant and requires little care. Further, placing oak furniture in a garden can bring new colours to the surrounding. Place an oak bench near a flower bush and see the effect. Further, one can always getting motifs engraved on the furniture which add a personal touch.

Wooden garden furniture styles  :-

There are several designs available in wood garden furniture. The main reason for investing in wooden furniture is the fact that it takes lesser time in the making and moreover adds a unique touch to the setting. Secondly, it does not emit any toxins which are seen in metal furniture. Wooden garden benches, wooden patio chairs, coffee tables, side tables, and swings are some of the ideas which can help in outdoor decoration. At the end, it can be said that wooden sustainable furniture is the way to classic looks at cheaper price. Read more 

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