Monday, 13 January 2014

Wooden Outdoor Furniture - Bring Uniqueness to Your Garden

Nowadays a large number of man made materials are utilized to make outdoor furniture. Plastics and metals for example are widely used for designing outdoor furniture. But wood has its own charm when we talk about furniture. When you get your outdoor furniture design ready you get its first advantage that your neighbors across the street won't be able to go out and just duplicate your beautiful outdoor garden furniture with a quick stop to home depot. And most important is that wooden furniture always spread its charm in between all kinds of furniture available nowadays. So nobody can deny that wood furniture is second-to-none for beauty.

Outdoor Furniture Woods
The Oak grows slowly and lives a long life. Due to this slow and long development process Oak wood possesses a great strength. Its a wood with high density and can support high weight without breaking. Oak wood is durable and resistant to decay thus can be kept outdoors freely. These features of Oak makes it perfect for outdoor furniture.

Larch is known for its tough, durable and waterproof qualities. The Larch has a life span of at least 30 years if untreated. Its long lasting natures makes this wood ideal for outdoor furniture.

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